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Building a compelling web presence


Neurocovery is an outpatient rehabilitation center offering comprehensive programs unique to the Northshore area. Physical, occupational and speech therapists at Neurocovery provide specialized care for their patients' specific neurological needs. Based in Louisiana, LA, they aim to deliver personalized attention using a unique approach that saves clients time and money.

Needing to raise awareness and increase the patient volume, Neurocovery was planning on running a series of 30-second television commercials about its neurological capabilities and its excellence in that field. Just as a wise doctor treats the whole patient, Neurocovery understood that it needed more than just the television commercials; it needed to complement the commercials with an alluring web site, which would allow Neurocovery to reach audiences that TV could not.


Prior to working with Coditaz, Neurocovery did not analyze the effectiveness of their website. “Having a website was a box to be checked, and we didn’t understand how to leverage it to learn more about our clients and to gain business,” they said. Wanting to get more from their online presence, Neurocovery turned to Coditaz for help.


We created an engaging, user-friendly website that gets Neurocovery in front of more potential clients. In addition to the site redesign, we have implemented custom search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and conversion rate optimization services to boost Neurocovery’ leads, especially in the restoration space.

Neurocovery explained, “We interviewed several companies to be our new website partner, but we were most impressed with Coditaz’s presentation and the possibilities they presented to us.” “Many of their ideas were fresh and helped us visualize new ways of communicating with our clients. They promised to deliver monthly reports to show us how our website content was performing and then strategize with us to adjust performance as necessary to drive results. And they have kept their promise!”

As a result of their partnership with us, Neurocovery boosted leads on their site and received regular contacts from people seeking neurological care. Their organic traffic increased 43% year over year. According to Neurocovery , “The combination of SEO, PPC, earned media, and lead nurturing has helped us solidify our online footprint and drive return on investment.