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Increasing brand awareness

Argana Spa

Argana is a haven of tranquility, a caring and peaceful environment to nurture the spirit of modern life. A place where you will be guided to a deeper and more profound understanding of the true meaning of your inner calm. By combining the healing and restorative powers of nature and the most advanced techniques of modern science, Argana Spa is able to offer a unique approach to holistic skin and body care, individually designed to meet the needs of each and every client.

When Argana came to us, they wanted to increase their customer volume at their branches and get a stronger grasp on their reputation now that they had two branches and looking to expand further. With these two items in mind, Argana looked for a digital marketing company that had a proven track record and a history of success within the beauty salon industry at gaining an immediate and worthwhile return on a company’s investment.


Tracking effectiveness of online marketing for a business that is primarily driven by foot traffic and in-store transactions. Although increasing online ordering business is the goal of virtually any beauty salon, it typically makes up a small portion of the total trackable sales. Such was the case for Argana beauty salon & spa.


We thought outside the box and utilized the store visits feature on Facebook to track how many people visited a branch after being exposed to an ad. This feature not only allowed us to optimize ad campaigns based on actual in-store activity, but we were able to share estimated ROI based on number of in-store visits X average ticket.

We devised a robust Instagram advertising strategy designed to convey Argana’s revised brand look. Uploading offline data back into Facebook from the salon’s POS also allows us to better understand core advertising components such as peak time of day, day of week, redeemed offers, etc.. Not only were the campaigns effective within their channels, but data cleaned from Facebook and Instagram would then be used by the Argana marketing team to inform offline marketing decisions.

As a result of their partnership with us, Argana had a 60% increase in phone calls coming from organic search, as well as a 211% increase in online appointment bookings driven by organic search. Through our social media marketing efforts, we identified key learnings around core audiences (wellness competitors), audience demographic, and creative units.