MT4 / MT5 plugins

A variety of tailor-made MT4/MT5 plugins are provided to fit every trader’s highly customized demand for their unique trading model.

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Better Performance

For FX Brokers offering the MetaTrader online trading platform to their clients, the simple functionality available to their traders from Metaquotes' MT4/MT5 platform is often insufficient. To meet the demand for increased functionality, we design and build software that could integrate with the MetaTrader backend system.

Our MetaTrader tools and plugins can help at every stage of a brokerage business life-cycle: Add one or two at the beginning of your journey, and some more as you grow to attract new clients.


58% of brokers invested in algos as part of software spends in 2020

50% of algo orders were adaptive order types during the coronavirus liquidity event in March 2020.


The best way to describe our experience in MT4/MT5 plugins development is that we know how MetaTrader runs and what is required to write the most efficient plugins for it. Our team of expert programmers is always hardly working on providing the solid ground where brokers can base their successful business on using MetaTrader plugins.

After years of writing into MT4/MT5 API and troubleshooting API programming issues. We have done whatever can be done with MetaTrader and much more. Our plugins proved ultimate success with real world brokers and liquidity providers.

Our plugins cover the following:

  • Risk management for brokers
  • Reporting to regulators and internal audit
  • Reduction of time spent on routine tasks
  • Money management and Signal Services
  • Integration of trading platforms with sites, data sources, crm

We develop fast and reliable MT4 and MT5 Plug-ins. You don’t have to accept a one-size approach when outsourcing technology. Benefit from a wide range of plug-ins on offer and choose the right plug-in for your brokerage.

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