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Increasing lead volume


Ma Formation Éligible works with specialist providers across France to offer free, high quality training courses notably covering Microsoft Office applications as well as a number of language courses.

Prior to reaching out to Coditaz, MFE had an existing marketing strategy in place, though the ratios of lead quality and lead volume were inconsistent. They turned to us for help. In terms of MFE, Facebook drives a great volume of leads, though the quality is often inferior to leads from other channels. What we had to do was find the optimum mix of Facebook advertising and other channels to achieve an ideal balance of lead quality and lead volume.


The ultimate goal was to leverage media insights and optimizations, strong ad creative, and landing page optimization to convert leads to program “starts.” This is how Coditaz’s success would be measured: students that actually opt for courses and how effectively Coditaz can attract those students digitally.


At the outset, Coditaz audited all digital marketing channels to a) advise on media investment allocations b) support special initiatives based on historical account data and, c) sunset old campaigns/creative and launch new ones.

Coditaz quickly identified the need to reconstruct account structure and make ad copy revisions at the program level. From there, the two teams agree on the need to implement a call tracking solution, develop new static and video assets for both online and target adult graduate programs, audit existing landing page structures and propose opportunities for enhancement, and acquire client data for audience modeling purposes. All of these responsibilities Coditaz executed and continues to manage on an ongoing basis.

In terms of social media campaigns, Coditaz was able to drive a 39% month-over-month increase in leads, a 19% decrease in CPA, and a 6% increase in click through rate (CTR). And distribution of spend between channels was nearly perfect in driving maximum conversion volume: Facebook campaigns, for example, received 62% of media investment and drove 62% of lead submissions.